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Internet-BC.com  - Fast and reliable web hosting at competitive prices.

88-keys.com - Michael's web store.

mididump.com - All things MIDI - Another site by Michael Powell.

Music Related:

FinaleMusic.com - Finale 2006 is the worlds best-selling notation software

MuseBook.com - Software that follows what you play and turns the pages for you! MuseBook requires a Pentium III 800 MHz or higher computer running Windows XP / 2000 (Tablet PC is recommended) with available USB 1.0 or 2.0 interface for activation key/dongle (required to run application). Developed by a S. Korean company called AMuseTech. MuseBook Score listens to acoustic piano sound like human ears through a microphone and tracks where you are performing. MidiScore (same as MuseBook Score but minus the microphone) connects to a digital piano through a MIDI connection (USB or MIDI cable) and performs flawlessly.

MusicXML.org - Information on the MusicXML file format.

Recordare.com - Creators of SharpEye Music Reader (see below) and the Dolet Finale plug-in for converting to MusicXML format for use with Muse Book and sharing with other notation applications.

SharpEye Music Reader is a music scanning program created by Graham Jones at visiv. You can use SharpEye to convert printed sheet music into a music notation  or MIDI file, which can then be imported into a music notation program or MIDI sequencer. This process is called music OCR by analogy with the more common text OCR, or OMR for "optical music recognition."

RC Hobby Related:

GreatHobbies.com - A great Canadian online hobby store with stores located in Edmonton, Alberta and Stratford, PEI

HeliHobby.com - Online hobby store that specializes in electric & gas RC model helicopters

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