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MuseBook Tuner - Tunes any instrument - Buy Now! MuseBook Tuner by AMuseTec
Pitch Detection Tuning Software - shows you the tuning status of an instrument and displays the detected note on a stave and keyboard image. It tunes Piano, Guitar, Violin, Flute, and any other instruments even your voice.

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Download the Trial for Windows (mbtuner220.exe) 7 MB.


  MuseBook Score $900 US includes a Schertler contact microphone (great for high quality acoustic instrument recordings)
Music software for Tablet PC or convertible laptop, listens to what you play and turns the pages for you. Created by a S. Korean company called AMuseTech, MuseBook Score will be available to purchase directly from their www.musebook.com.

MuseBook MidiScore $600 US (same functions as MuseBook Score but without the Schertler microphone - use your MIDI keyboard, digital piano, or Yamaha Disklavier)

Finale 2005 Power!

Book Description
Music notation can be a tough task to master. Finale is the ultimate tool for conquering it. And now you have the ultimate guide for mastering Finale 2005! With "Finale 2005 Power!", you'll learn how to create professional-quality sheet music with Finale quickly and efficiently. Begin by establishing a solid understanding of Finale's framework. Then get ready to master the everyday shortcuts and tricks that make Finale a breeze to use. Walk through each step of the score creation process from starting a new document, to entering and spacing your music, to layout, extracting parts, and, finally, printing your score. Learn how to quicken your pace using special tricks, new features in Finale 2005, little-known options, and supplemental third-party plug-ins.

Sonar 6 Power!: The Comprehensive Guide (Paperback)

Book Description
Get the most out of Sonar 6 with this definitive guidebook! This volume picks up where the manual leaves off, teaching you how to dig deep into the program with step-by-step examples and exercises. From initially customizing Sonar 6 to creating and producing a surround sound mix, you'll learn everything you need to know to make your composing and recording sessions run more smoothly. Learn about MIDI and audio effects and how to use them in offline and real-time situations. Explore mixing music via software and discover how much control you can have when you're using an on-screen software mixer. Take a look at the advanced features of SONAR 6, including AudioSnap, Active Controller Technology, and Session Drummer 2. You'll learn how to prepare your completed Sonar project and burn it to a CD.

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