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RC Planes


Extra 300-E Hovering by the Moon

Michael flying the Extra 300-E on Jan. 27, 2007.


Vorex RTF RC electric plane with pusher prop and 1.2 GHz spy camera The Vortex RTF beginner's plane which my Dad bought to try and learn how to fly. Came with a glitchy 27MHz radio system which was replaced with a Futaba 4ch FM system. The 9V battery on the top of the wing powers the spy cam.

Click here to download a video (10 MB) taken taken with a 1.2 GHz wireless micro camera attached to the nose of the Vortex. The focus was not quite adjusted correctly and seems to be focuses too close. I'll fix that before the next flight! The camera is supposed to have a 1000' range line of sight but still glitches a bit while turning. The CMOS camera looking down provided the best contrast… You may notice at the end of the video that I landed on the grass and not quite level. I had a loss of power just before that point and had to make an emergency landing. It won't happen again ;-) I hope!


I'm planning on flying the Electra plane with a Nikon Coolpix 3700 3 MP onboard so stay tuned for some aerial photos!


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